Standing in the grocery line all I see is Jennifer Anniston/Vince Vaughn this, and Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt that. Before that it was Nick and Jessica…….WHO CARES! When did the movie stars become front page news. Do you know that “celebrity news” used to only be in the entertainment section of the Sunday news paper? During the week, we as an audience were pretty oblivious to their every day lives. Now thanks to countless magazines who all have the exact same dribble, I can know exactly how horrible Gweneth Paltrow looks when she takes out her trash.

You know what….last time I checked, these people were HUMANS. The women in hollywood have all the same body parts as I do…granted some of them paid a whole lot more than I would to have them enhanced, but again who cares! The men in hollywood, again same body parts….probably over half of them are enhanced too. And for all their money, and all their fame, and all their houses, and cars and fancy dresses and things, they are all so incredibly unhappy. So why in the world do we pay attention to the meaningless information about who is with who and who is arguing with the other?

Why are we not more concerned with the real news of this world? Have we become so calloused and hardened ourselves that only reading about other people’s misery makes us happy? When was the last time that you cared about the real problems that are going on around you? How many of you lately have called a friend just to make sure that things are going ok with them, and not really taking the generic “fine” for an answer? When was the last time that you thought about the millions that are dying around the world with less to their name than we throw out in the trash each week?

Do you REALLY care that Jennifer Aniston still talks to Brad Pitt, more so is it any of your business? I realize the arguement that public life comes with celebrity, but why should it? What makes their job of being our form of entertainment within a movie role automatically give up their right to privacy within their own home? Last time I check the bill of rights applied to them as well.

So put down the trashy magazine of half truths, don’t even allow yourself to read it while standing in line. Let these people have a life and live yours. Don’t compare yourself to them, be happy in who you are and what you have in life.

the end.