This should be posted dated 2/26/06 🙂
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is as opposed to mildly blessed!
I have just spent the last week of my life inflicted with what is commonly known as the common cold.
When you have a cold you are seriously ill!
I just love it when people say “It is just a cold.” Do you realize that this contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory tract is the most common infectious disease in the United States??
Just a cold they say.but do you realize that “just a cold” has about 5 hundred million billion remedies? Ok so that may be slightly “ministerialy speaking” as they say. But from the moment that I had the first symptom of sore throat I received more advice in a week, than I have received in over a year.
-drink hot liquids
-drink cold liquids
-gargle with salt water (who came up with this nasty remedy works unfortunately-but gross!)
-Vitamin C
-Rice Pudding with Cinnamon
– Nyquil from those who ironically don’t believe in the drinking of alcohol
-Hot Toddy- from those that do! J
-Hot Showers to steam it out
– Stay indoors with all windows shut (yes so germs can recirculate, brilliant!)
-Go outside (soak in the sunmuch better idea)
-Don’t drink milk (yes this is for real advise, but linked to a myth)
On and on and on and on it can go with one remedy totally discrediting the other. When, in reality.only time, naps, and lots of liquids can actually heal a cold.

But in the midst of my being pretty much homebound with this nasty infectious disease, I was able to gather up some incredible thoughts.
I AM BLESSED!! I mean not just in a generic thought that most people have, but SERIOUSLY blessed.
On an average day I..
-Wake up.blessing #1
-Eat..blessing #2
-freely read my Bible..Blessing#3
-check my email.blessing# 4
-feed my Myspace addictionblessing#5
-listen to music.Blessing #6
-have access to indoor plumbing facilitiesblessing #7
-talk to friends and family.-blessing#8
-am able to enjoy creation with all 5 of my sensesblessing #9
-breathe in and outblessing#10

On and On I could go..if you are in my life in any way, you are a part of my blessing. Thank you so much for being a part of what God has purposed for me! I look forward to the week ahead finding new mercy and a new blessing in every day.
Love you!