Of course….So I came up with a few more….
I once had all my friends convinced I was addicted to Asprin
I have an entire dance to the song “Have Mercy” by the Judds
I charged my parents to see me in concert.in their OWN living room.
I had a “Hundred Acre Woods” on a 3 acre property
After my 1st kiss I said “Yuck don’t ever do that again”
Every time I spend time with my friend Brooke I get a full ab workout from laughing so hard!!

BTW…these were her 6 things…how could I possibly even try to beat these?!
Once my arm was swallowed by a mad pelican.
My best friend threw up because I was so ugly.
Scott put dog food between the cheese and cracker and then fed it to me.
George W. Bush waved at me Monday morning.
In college, I tried to return laundry detergent for cash.
I went on a blind date for Sarah Underwood once and told him I was her–she didn’t know.