Today sadness overwhelms.
Because I stood up for myself….
I have been punished.
Because I did what was right…
I have been wronged.
My heart aches for what I loved…..still love.

Wounded, I am broken.
For what I do not know.
I will not go back for another slap.
I will not give in to the pain.
I will learn to let go of what is hurting me.

All I want is to go back in time.
To change what cannot be changed.
Yet what could I have done.
How could I have done more than tell the Truth?
How more could I have sacrificed of my time and emotion.

Forgiveness reigns.
It is only in forgiving that I can be healed.
I want to be whole again.
Want to know that I have worth.
I am set free by THE PROMISE.

I am promised that I will be declared a liar;
When all I stood for was truth.
I am promised that my road will be sorrowful;
Though all that I hoped for was joy.
I am promised that I will be mocked and ridiculed;
When all I gave was hope and encouragement.

HIS Grace will be sufficient;
when I am in need.
HIS mercy will be renewed;
when I wake up.
HIS arms will hold me;
when I am tired.
HIS presence will be there;
when I am alone.
HIS joy will be unspeakable;
when I am sad.
HIS peace will be indescribable;
when I am overwrought.
HIS love will be my anchor;
when I am tossed and thrown in the waves.