Do you remember the sweet innocence of 5?

For the next 6 weeks I have the honor of watching a friend’s son, while the school district where she works winds down to a close.
How exciting it is to be 5!!

For most of us….one does not have to worry over the loss of friendships, or the drama of the day, or how our bills are going to be paid, or if the tire on the car will last until the tax refund comes in. We don’t worry about getting married, or if the right one will come along. Or if the price of gas will go so high we will be forced to ride our bike (that we don’t have) everywhere.

No the life of a 5 year old consists of….
Excitement about going to wash a car and getting to sit there while the “monster hands” wipe all the dirt away.
Planning for days to go to the library to find books on mummies.
Being estatic about finding a roly-poly-oly on the sidewalk, and making an adventure out of finding more. ( 6!!! We found 6!!)
With a little imagination, spiderman can save the world, and one can fly like superman on top of someone’s uplifted feet.
A cookie can make your whole day better…..
and All of life’s problems can be solved with a hug, an ear rub, and a nap.

Oh to be 5 again!