Well, it is 10:17 pm. And I have just finished watching Sean win the Apprenticeship under Donald Trump. Yea for Sean!

I however, would just like to find the job of my dreams somewhere. 🙂

Today, I woke up with a spliting headache, so rather than get out and do some Mary Kay warm chattering as I was planning to do, I instead took some pills and came upstairs to do some email answering and to send out some more resume’s. As of 10 minutes ago I believe that today alone I have applied to about 10 jobs.

I have, of course, marked in my calender to follow up with each of these at the end of the week.

I also followed up with the Korea position. What an amazing opportunity that would be if I could get it.

My spirits are definately higher this week. I know this comes as a result of my friends who spent time last week fasting and praying on my behalf. I still do not have any definative answers, but the peace that things are moving is there.

In the meantime….I have a HUGE Mary Kay goal that I need to reach by June 15th. It is a sale’s goal and so I am putting it out here for all to help me with. Please log onto my website http://www.marykay.com/amandaworkman and find something to buy. 🙂 There will be a 10% discount off of all web orders. Perhaps you do not currenly use their top selling skin care system or their makeup. That is ok, there are sun care products, spa products, and a whole section of gift ideas for any upcoming birthday’s, weddings, etc that you might need gifts for.
(p.s. let me know it is a gift and I’ll wrap it for you)
For those of you who live far away…that is ok too…free shipping! Who could ask for more!

I am working so hard to meet this goal and I know that you can help!

Thank you so much for all your prayers…. don’t stop God is working!
Thank you for your encouragement…..don’t stop phone calls and emails get me through my day!
Most of all thank you for loving me….don’t stop I can’t live without you! 🙂