Why exactly do they say we are “sitting” when we watch things?
Baby-sitting….I am pretty sure that should we choose to do the literal we would be arrested.
Dog-sitting…a sure way to get bitten.
Cat-sitting…one squashed meow coming up.
House-sitting…one ponders where in the house we must sit. On top of the house, in the house, beside the house.

And why do we have to sit? Can’t we stand? What is wrong with Baby-standing? What about crouching? I mean couldn’t we dog-crouch?

Anyway, the past few weeks I have had the honor of house/dog/cat/guinea pig sitting. Three different houses all at the same time. Which can get kind of uncomfortable if taken literally.

The first house was for dear friends of mine who were on their way to explore “the Continent”. Jealousy ensued as they jumped on a plane to go explore castles and lands. But they left me with Calvin and Hobbes, who are two of the coolest cats ever.

Calvin – he is the epitome of cat. He is big and fluffy, and sleeps all day long. When he is not sleeping he is walking to the food dish, where he eats and then finds a new place to rest his fat self. Kind of timid and shy, any attention received from him is in some small way an honor. So when at night he chooses to hop up and curl next to you, you feel the world is at peace.

Hobbes – a cat of a different nature. He is the adventurous warrior. Though raised an inside cat. He is out to hunt down, attack and destroy his foes. These foes are usually in the shape of a plastic bag. Which he has chosen as his sworn enemy. When he finds one lying on the floor, blissfully innocent to its fate….he slowly stalks it, creeping up on paws of stealth, sniffing around the territory to make sure that other danger is not present, and then without warning he pounces!! Rolling and entangling himself in the bag that, though seemingly defenseless, is fighting back by attaching itself to his neck and making horrendous rustling bag noises that will send this attacker running for dear life. However, the bag now has the advantage and hangs on to the neck, getting louder the more that Hobbes tries to break free.

Human girl (that’s me) steps into the scene here and is forced to catch the cat and remove the bag from his neck. However, with the sick humor that is within all humans, she strategically places the bag so that the unsuspecting cat will repeat this scene for her amusement later. *insert wicked laugh

When not sleeping, eating and attacking innocent bags, these two amuse themselves…and the humans around them…by attacking each other. Some very clever wrestling moves have been designed from watching cats I do believe. A pounce on the unaware victim, a grasping of the head with one set of legs and feet, while the other set is mercilessly jackrabbiting the opponent in the face. Don’t worry about the “innocent victim” however, he will get his own. One swift roll and the tides have turned and “poor” Hobbes who is outweighed by Calvin is getting back his due.
I think we have a lot to learn from this. I.E. Always watch out for the “quiet” ones.

More to come on the adventures of sitting. For now need to get dressed and ready for the adventures of the day.