I spent the entire day at KSBJ our local Christian radio station yesterday. From 5 am to midnight. My shift was not that long to begin with, but I ended up staying the whole day anyway.

It was for their once a year faith promise share-a-thon. This year was amazing. For the 1st time in the 24 year history of the station….they met their monthly Monthly Operations Need: $248,000 by 6 pm on the second day. And their Special Projects Goal Phase One: $1,145,000 before noon on the 3rd day.
The rest of the 12 hours were God’s time…above and beyond. Apparently we had been praying too small for months….because by 11 pm last night we had raised over $5 million dollars.
This is more than any other Christian radio station has raised ever by about $300,000. Isn’t that amazing!! They will now be able to set their sites on “phase two and three” of the special projects goal….which was actually set for the next two years.

What was amazing was the staff….no one knew what to do. God kept bringing in the money and the staff (who are all so humble and amazing) kept looking at each other dumbfounded. Things like this had never happened before. They were humbled by the fact that they had asked God for what they thought was a “stretching dream” hoping to make it, and He said “oh yeah watch this!”

The theme this year was “How Great Is Our God”. Over the past year the radio station has been able to touch over a million lives (which was our theme and goal last year), including mine. I could not have made it through the past few months without the songs of Jesus and the encouragement of the DJ’s broadcasting at all hours of the day and night through this station.

This will take the station even farther over the airwaves into HD technology so there can be 3 different genres all under the same name and dial. They will be able to expand the Nigeria project which is currently broadcasting over all of Nigeria and into parts of other neighboring countries. (That is a station they were able to put online last year). They will continue with domestic and international mentoring of other Christian radio stations. To bring them out of the dark ages of being a station that just plays Christian music, to a station that is out there in the community touching lives and spreading the Word through being the hands and feet of Jesus.

This is the third time I have volunteered….and it was amazing. So much fun to have God show up and be right there in phone central!! Our last hour was pure praise. Over a hundred people (staff and volunteers) in singing and praying and praising God. The president and CEO who is such an incredible man of God spoke from the Word….plus I suppose if you consider the pledging an offering….we had church!!

Two or three or a city of believers were gathered in His name for HIS purpose. It was amazing!! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!

p.s. for those of you keeping up…God is also working in my business!! I need 3 more active team members by the end of the month and I will be on target for directorship!! God is moving!!