It is Midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I went to bed an hour ago and after tossing and turning decided that the best thing to do would be to get up. I mean why try to force sleep when it is obvious it is not coming anytime soon.

So, for boredom’s sake (fair warning for all of you currently reading this post.) I am going to detail out my evening….which as it turns out was pretty exciting to me.

Let’s use 6 PM for the evening starter.

AT 6PM I was on my way to drop of my Emily. She is the daughter of a friend of mine who has grown into a sister through the years. In fact, our resemblence, mannerisms and general thoughts on life, often put us into the sister category by default.
Miss Emily is on the Varsity Cheer Squad at Oak Ridge High School, and has recently been asked to cheer on the competitive squad at Woodland’s Elite. She is a beautiful girl and growing into an amazing young woman. Not anything like the 3rd grader I met 8 years ago!

6:30 PM After dropping her off at practice, I made my way to a facial appointment. I got to get to know a new customer and spend time letting her story enrich my life. Plus I made a sale, but really that is just the fluff.

7:45 PM Onto a conference call with a potential new team member and my hot mama director Brittany Mitchell. The call went well, and I have a new team member! This brings my count to 7!! Praise the Lord! One more and I am officially in DIQ! God is good!

8:30 PM off the conference call, but onto a call with my director, talking about upcoming seminar, plus some goals and plans that I have for myself! My director is such an amazing woman. She is not only one of the most beautiful directors in Mary Kay history…but she is one Godly woman. She encourages me daily in my walk and I cannot imagine my life without her.

**side note** I know that I say the words “I cannot imagine my life without so-so” all the time. Please know that I do not take this phrase lightly. I truely cannot imagine the logistics of my life without the many influences that God has put in it. Go back to my post from earlier this year. Something in that is just for you….you are in my life!

8:55 PM I got to talk to one of my favorite people on the planet. Building on a friendship of 15 years, every conversation brings joy to my heart. Silly?!? Probably, but true nonetheless.

9:15 PM On the couch watching Project Runway. Yes, my current favorite reality series. I watched all of last season and I was having Daniel withdrawls. He was not he winner, but Michael Kors offered him a job on national television….amazing talent!!

Ha…how may hyperlinks can you put in a sentence? Give me a break it is 12:30 and I am in ramble mode ok!

9:30 PM Phone rings and I get to spend talking with one of THE Kennedy’s. “THE Kennedy’s? You mean the real Kennedy’s” Of course they are real…I do not talk to imaginary friends anymore, unless I am bored and lonely! This young man who has introduced me to people as “The sister I never knew I wanted.” Called just to chat and to give me a prayer request. He knows that I love his family as my own and that I would of course pray over them. Talking to him I could not believe that he was really my Ryno. I am so proud of who I get the pleasure of watching him become. I am so proud of you Ryno. So glad you stopped “hating” me.

10:00 PM
Friend’s episode….cleaning kitchen….pulled out vacuum then decided that was a task for tomorrow.

10:30 PM
Off to bed…but TV still on as well as reading a book.

11:00 PM TV sleep timer turned on….Will and Grace ( I know I know!!) episode running in the back ground.

Toss turn….TV off….toss turn more……KSBJ on….toss turn.

Forget it! up out of bed….and this blog was born!
I leave you with a scene from my sweet friend’s backyard. And the words of wisdom of my friend Arnie (aka cricket) always tells me….ALL great things start with” A”.
Yes……. as in “Amanda”.