Quick update for those that are interested.

Well, 1st of all I am not going to Korea. There are some reasons that I have that seem to be controversial to everyone else, but they are not the one whose life it ultimately affects so the decision is made.

One of the reasons is due to my youngest brother’s homecoming. Or at least return back to the U.S., this is not really his home. I just sat down and reflected on my 1st year back in the US. It was HORRIBLE. It left deep scars that 11 years later I am still healing from. Derek’s 1st year here was pretty much the same, and I just do not want Devin to go through the same hurt and pain. One’s 1st year back is always hard no matter what, but I want to give him something I never had….someone who cared enough to drop everything and be there when I needed them. I made this decision before going to Mary Kay seminar last week, so I wouldn’t be swept up in the emotion of it all and make my decision then.

The company in Korea I was going to work for (I told them that due to family circumstances I did not feel it wise to pursue the opportunity at this time), completely understood, and asked that in the future should I want to come…even for 6 months that I consider the opportunity open to me. That was nice.

2nd of all, I am getting out of Houston. I do not know what this means, but I know it means I am leaving here. I have had several offers by MK directors in Virginia to come and live with them for a month or so while I find something there. However, I have also have thought about Atlanta. Right now I am just praying about it. My roommate did tell me yesterday that I need to plan on moving by September 1st or helping him with the rent. He has been an amazing blessing and never asked this of me before, and he is really struggling right now, so I said…of course.

As for my MK..I currently have 8 team members 7 active and moving up. On target for my 1st car which I plan on earning by the end of the month.

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago that was a public apology and offer of forgiveness to a specific group of people. Not really realizing it at the time, but I was opening up the communication lines between myself and the Lord again. I could not figure out why all the praying I was doing didn’t seem to go past the ceiling. I prayed for a revelation of sin that might be holding it back, and though that was not a lightning strike revelation, publicly forgiving was something I knew I had to do. After that, miracles have begun to happen in my life again.

I had money for bills I did not know how I was going to pay. I was within 30 minutes and $2300 of not having enough production to stay on target for my MK car and having to start over. My newest team member placed a $2400 order at 11:30 pm on the last day. I am still on target for my car. Yesterday I was frustrated and praying regarding my frustration and lack of funds, and before I could finish the prayer, my phone rang and I have a temp job for the next 2 ½ weeks right here in The Woodlands…with perfect hours that will not cut into my Mary Kay business at all.

I also was trying on a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding in September (which I can now attend), and was able to book a facial and set up an interview with a potential team member.

This is awesome to me. Even in the lowest part of the valley, for the 1st time in my life I kept my eyes focused on the upward not the outward. I am learning to trust when there is no physical thing to which to cling. More awesome than that I crave to spend time with Jesus. I have heard people say that for years and never got it. I thought they were just nuts, faking it in someway. But no, I just wasn’t where I was supposed to be. In the past 7 days, things have happened in my life. I was prophesied over by some woman who had never met me before, I had a prophetic dream (I have not done this in 3 ½ years and after talking to the person the dream was about, know it to be truthful), I have seen God work in my life and in the lives of my friends in EXCITING ways! I have experienced the 1st steps of healing in a friendship I thought for sure was gone forever.

Am I on the mountain top?…no…not yet, but I am climbing. There are struggles yet to come I know, but I finally feel as though I am making my way out of the valley I was in.

That is my news, to God be the Glory.
The End.