“Pink is an attitude not a color!” Imagine my excitement upon hearing these words at my very 1st Mary Kay seminar, kicking off the beginning of the 2006/2007 seminar year. (Namely because I am learning to care for pink, so to know that the power of pink was an attitude was something I could grab a hold of rather than have to wear all the time.)I learned some amazing things at this meeting and after being back home for week, and having some time to reflect on all of my reasoning wanted to share a little with you.

1st of all I went to this meeting expecting to come away with new ideas on booking classes….and I did. And new ideas on recruiting and team building…and I got a few of those as well. However, I did not expect to come away from a corporate meeting having been abundantly blessed by God, and having heard from HIM and about Him from the stage. This was a corporate meeting not a revival, right?

I heard lots of great advice and testimony after testimony of women giving God the glory for blessing the work of their hands. However, I learned the most from Candy Lewis. She was the queen of sales for our entire seminar and she was powerful!

Listen to what God spoke through her to me:

“God’s delay is not God’s denial!” – Ok, after hearing that I could have gone home. God touched me in that one sentence in ways I could never have imagined.
Next she said,
“Turn your problems into God’s promises.” – Hello!
” After you finish crying, what are you going to do?” – Wake up call!!!
“When trials come your way, they are there to see how badly you want it.” – (gulp)
“God will sign you up for the same course, until you learn the lesson.” Ok, Ok, I am learning! I am learning!

Lastly, and I swear even though she was being telecast from the other room, she looked me straight in the eye – don’t you hate it when speakers do that! – and she said
“If you don’t know your ‘Why’, your ‘Want’ doesn’t matter”

Ok now, here she got me. I know my want. I have my goals set, on my goal poster, I affirm them and pray over them every day. But I never really set forth my why’s clearly and directly. In fact, I believe my why’s changed daily. So, I went to a quiet place – hard found by the way with 10,000 plus women – and I began to write my why’s and prioritize them. And now I am listing them for you. Why? You may ironically ask?

Well because my goal is big. I am looking to wear that director’s ring by October 1st. I want to be a director, and I want to have a team of women that are in the business of enriching the lives of others. I want you to know the Why’s because there are going to be days that I lose sight of these why’s. There will be days I am tired and discouraged and don’t think I can make it any more. And when I call you and I am crying and exausted, I want you to ask me
“Amanda, when you are finished crying what are you going to do?” And then I want you to remind me of my why’s. Put their faces in front of me and remind me that I have a purpose and a plan directed by God and they are the reason.

With that my friend’s I give you my why’s.
#1. to be out of debt
#2. to get my parents out of debt that they are in because they have supported my dream.
#3. to help pay for Devin’s education so he does not come out of school with the debt I currently have
#4. to help fund whatever opportunity God opens up for the orphans in Botswana
#5. to be able to get on a plane and go to be with my mom and dad whenever I feel like it because I can afford it.
#6. to be able to meet a special need for a missionary when it arises
#7. to further the work of the gospel
#8. to enrich the lives of women with the love of God by one on one contact in my business
#9. to invest in the lives of people around the world with Kingdom good news
#10. to be able to say “To God be the Glory” every step of the way.

To all these reasons I step out of my house in faith, believing His plan is for me.

The struggle of the past nine months has simply been to set my focus and to strengthen my relationship with my BEST FRIEND. Pray with me, as I know that the War is WON, but there are battle’s yet to come.