My weekend was great, my beautiful friend, Marianne and I headed up to Dallas to visit our mutual and equally as beautiful friend Sadie. (fun bit of background here – I met Marianne while working at Sam’s, and she knew Sadie from College – I spent the summer living with Sadie when I lived in Hong Kong)
We girls laid out in the morning/early afternoon on Saturday. Then Sadie went to get her hair done and Marianne colored mine. It is my natural color, it just evens it all out.

Then away we went to “praisefest.” I wanted to go because my friend Stan Whitmire, who is a professional pianist, was in town with a group called Greater Vision. Southern Gospel. It is what I was raised on, and though I LOVE contemporary Christian music, southern gospel moves me in a way nothing else does.

Dennis Swanburg a Christian comedian was also performing that night.
So…we get there…WE ARE THE YOUNGEST PEOPLE THERE BY 70 YEARS!! (with the exception of the artists, of course) Ha! HA! HA! We LOVED it! There were a couple of “acts” that were, well….a blessing to someone I am sure! But it was fun, we just laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Leave it to Amanda to drag us all to a geriatric convention!”

Chad Kennedy, my pastor’s son from Abilene, drove up for the weekend as well. He met us there and couldn’t stop laughing! It was so funny!

We had a great time, two MK’s (missionary kids) and two PK’s (pastor’s kids) with a lot of history together, and we just laughed and laughed and laughed!
There is power in laughing you know….

Got home and am continuing to pack in preparation for where ever God is going to lead me! 🙂