On Thursday this week, I got a call from my brother Derek. He was concerned because he was having chest pains. He has had a heart condition since birth that has not given him much trouble since he was about two.
He checked his blood pressure, which registered at 160/100.. NOT GOOD. Friday, he was still not feeling well, so he went to a doctor that evening. The doctor told him that if he did not go home and go to bed, he would have a stroke within 3 days and a pacemaker by the end of the week!
Yikes! Derek is only 25. I thank the Lord for a doctor that knew about this condition and one that treated him for FREE. I am constantly amazed at our AMAZING GOD. This is not the first time that his life has been spared by our great God.
My youngest brother,Devin, who has been struggling with Epstein Barr and a mirror virus called cytomegalo virus for the past few months. His immune system is really down due to these two viruses and this past week has been down sick again last week. He continues to have pretty severe pain in his left side, even keeping him from church yesterday. The doctor in Botswana has refered him to Johannesburg for a full checkup once again. Pray with my family that they will find the cause of this pain. He has had it for a long time. Sometimes it is better than others, but it is definitely always there. We have an appointment for Wednesday morning in Johannesburg. Pray for my mom and he as they travel, and my dad as he stays behind to try to get some paperwork wrapped up with the mission before they return stateside.

Lastly, after 9 months I FINALLY have an interview that is a very good opportunity. It is this upcoming Friday, and I so I want it to happen.

Thanks for praying! I know I can count on my faithful readers!