One of the things I knew I was going to miss the most within my transition from Houston to Dallas was waking up to “The Morning Show” on KSBJ.

Even in my time of unemployment I chose to have my alarm go off at 5:30 am, just so I would not miss it. I love Mike and Susan. They are funny, they are encouraging, and they just put me in a better mood. The best part of it all is Susan’s sign off in the morning….at 9 am every morning she reminds me that my Father dances over me with singing and that “I am Loved.” What a way to start a morning!

Wonderfully I am able to get the stream cast or whatever the technical term for “radio over the internet” is….so I am able to enjoy KSBJ at work all day long. However, this did not solve my waking up dilemma.

Now, most of you who know me, see me when I am fully awake – and most of the time, you see me in a good mood. THIS IS NOT HOW I WAKE UP!! I have difficulty sleeping due to complications with my thyroid and am a night owl, so a 5:30 wake up call really should come in the late afternoon…amazingly, places of employment and others seem to frown on this mentality, so I am forced to recognize that 5:30 comes twice a day, and I must be subject to waking up at the 1st one.

Why 5:30, because I must allow myself time to just lay there and be still…awake…but still (and you all thought that I was always a bouncing ball of energy).

So again a conundrum…no KSBJ…hacking “beeps” are not quite the waking up call that allows my meditation time to be sweet. I decided on a CD.

Now here is a fun choice. It must be positive (or I will be angry, depressed or melancholy for the rest of the day), it must be upbeat, but not “workout tempo”, so finding a CD that would be perfect for awakening the princess that is myself (ha!) was not the easiest of things to do.

After much thought and deliberation, I came across one of my favorite artists, Jeff Berry. Most of you do not know this fabulous man. I have the honor not only of knowing him, but at one time I was involved in his ministry and I have the joy of calling him friend.

His newest CD, All That’s Left of Us, begins with a reved up, and amazing arranged version of “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. This song is one of my favorite hymns ever, and what a way to wake up!!

See and you guys thought my energy was natural! Not so! In recent years, I have become a huge subscriber to the phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out” Waking up being reminded of God’s faithfulness every morning is essential for me. Not because I had let go and forgotten it in the night, but because that when you wake up to positive thoughts your life tends to be more centered and focused in the right directions.

“Great is Thy faithfulness” is followed up with other such songs with lyrics such as: “From the mountaintops we cry out, “You are good!” To the ends of the earth we proclaim and say, “You are good!” From the valley deep and in dispair, “YOU ARE GOOD, YOU ARE GOOD!” (oh the encouragement of these words!)

Plus – “I can’t contain the Love You have spoken”

Not to mention… “You are covering – Grace releasing”, “We give you thanks…for pouring grace upon the earth to bring us near.”

OH! and, “Glorious, You are Marvelous” “We need Your love”

And can you really start your day without saying to Him “Let the darkness fade away, till all that’s left of us is You.” ?

Ok, ok I know…you all think I am crazy. But seriously…I encourage each of you #1 to head over to and purchase this album. Not only are these songs wonderful, their truth self evident, and original…but most were written (or at least arranged) by people I love and respect. Grace Live is wonderful, as well….and I was there for the recording and the mixing and the prayerful, tediously long wait for the release of that album!

Not only that, but I challenge each one of you to find your own “wake up music”. Or at least music that you play consistently when you are getting ready in the morning. Music is powerful!

Thanks Susan, for waking me up for the past 4 years, you are great!

Jeff and band – thank you for your years of friendship, ministry, great music and faithful prayer over my life – and for making my transition to the Dallas area and my new schedule that much more positive!

You are loved!