Warning…disjointed tired thoughts….

Update on my Astros….done for the year *tears
congratulations to the Barfield family!! Go Padres!!

Update on my College football….off to a raving start!! Woo Hoo! Go Rice!! Hook ’em!! (Yes I do realize those two sayings don’t go together…however, for the next four years they will share equal space in my heart)

Update on my Derek…feeling a bit better. Blood pressure still needs to come down.

Update on my Devin…still not feeling well. Dr’s still unsure, but currently blaming on the Epstein barr. In the process of transition….4 more weeks till Stateside arrival. Loving you my sweet boy…feeling your pain.

Update on my Ryno….out of commission for at least 4 months….tear on some part of thigh…surgery required.

Update on my mom and dad….4 weeks until Stateside arrival. Pray for smooth transition.

Update on current residence….Done’s house. Ralph and Becky gone for the week…Sadie needed a babysitter! 🙂

Update on my Abilene house….paper work in process…please pray for SPEED!!!

Update on job….loving what I am learning….both the work and the people. Quirks are so fun to figure out!

Update on my life in general….battleing homesickness for Africa, my BRIDGE group, my family and my friends….holding tight to the promise “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Enjoying Dallas….glad to be with friends here.

Update on my love for each of you……same as always and growing.

Please email me how I can pray for you this week.

Peace and Blessings