This is the week for babies!!

As many of you know, I do not plan on having any of my own. (Please do not start the lectures…I have heard them all…thank you.) However, when my friends bring children to the world I weep tears of joy, and welcome them with “arms wide open” (yes cheesy lyrics, yet wonderful).

This week…..
Grayson Gabriel Mitchell….joined us into the world on October 7th….right on time. Adopted by my darling Mary Kay director Brittany Mitchell and her husband Jon. This baby is beautiful! Not to say that all babies are, but he is! The birth mother is doing ok as well, praise the Lord! I am so grateful for the gift of adoption.

Oh, sweet boy, I have prayed for you, and for both your mommies and your dad. May you grow up to walk in the light of His grace.

And this early morning, in France, Aliyah Karon Auterson, joined us! Sister to Kirianna, who I also have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, and 2nd daughter to my dear missionary friends Lance and Amy. I believe she is a wee bit early, but she is here and healthy and beautiful just the same. In God’s timing, not ours.

Oh little girl I have prayed for you to “wait on the Lord”. So glad you waited just a few extra weeks before making your grand appearance.

WELCOME to the World sweet babies… will be scary at times, but know that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. First there is the love of your Heavenly Father, who formed you long before we ever knew about you, He was there with you in womb, and will continue being right beside you all the rest of your days. When you aren’t sure….just call His name….

Secondly, you both have families that are just going to spoil you in the best ways possible. You are going to be loved and adored and crooned over till you just burst.

And lastly, whenever you need just a little extra, or someone to plead to your case, an extra hug here, some ice cream there, or you just don’t think you are spoiled enough……come see me….Auntie A will always be there.

And gum….I will always have gum.