This time next week, I can be found in a little white minivan, somewhere between Birmingham, AL – where I will have just spent a wonderful time with three very dear friends – and Atlanta, GA – where I will be on my way to the airport to pick up my mom, dad, and brother (provided they let him out of Africa….ha ha!)

But seriously, please pray for my family in the next few months….
#1. Packing and final preparation to leave will go smooothly.
#2. Emotions as Devin leaves his homeland Tuesday, October 31st.
#3. Safety as they travel – Flight to England – time in London with friends-flight to USA.
#4. Sanity as a family comes back together to be one for a little while.
#5. The church family left behind, that they will continue to grow
#6. Devin settling in to college and a job and a good church home.

Thanks for all your prayers and support….I cannot express how much I can feel it coming from every corner of the globe.
You are treasured.