**Last update from my mom**

Dear Loved Ones,
What a day!! Our last Sunday was filled with blessings. Our attendance was good. We had three visitors, including a girl we have been inviting for over a year. We baptized three young men, two Batswana and one Kenyan. We heard a testimony from our Indian family. Their daughter almost died with an aneurysm last year. They got word this week that she is completely cured and will be traveling to visit with them in November.

Last January, one of our ladies left to work in England. Her children are here and have been unable to come to church because the father will not bring them and they live far. Today, I gave a shout of joy and tears filled my eyes as I saw Agnes and Allune come in the door. One of our ladies knew I would love to see them and made arrangements for them to come with her. They will travel in January to live with their mother so that was our last chance to see them.

At the fellowship after the baptism, our people gave Devin some gifts and also some gifts were given to Dennis, a young Tanzanian man who will soon be returning to Tanzania. We sure hate to see him go, God has his hand on that young man. We are thankful that God goes before him to prepare the way for him.

As Steve and I talked after everyone had gone home, we just commented that all of this is what GOD has done. It is so great to watch Him work and trust Him as he leads us along. We leave Tuesday at 5 pm from Gaborone. It sounds like the tiny airport will be filled with people that love Devin and his parents! We so treasure your prayers. It was an emotional day today and Tuesday will be oh, so hard, especially for Devin.

We stop in England on the way home to visit a couple we knew in Kenya. We have prayed for their salvation since we met them. Please pray that we will have opportunity to proclaim Christ once again to our friends, Surinder and Bilu.

Friday, if you hear a shout! It will be us as we land and embrace our children whom we have not seen in three years. We are looking forward to more sweet reunions throughout the month as we see our parents and our siblings. How wonderful that will be!Thank you for praying for us, we need the strength that God gives when you pray.

Reaching the Unreached,Steve, Pam and Devin