After taking a wrong turn leaving my friend Judy Martin’s house in Columbus, GA, I broke all sorts of speed laws yesterday, trying to get Atlanta airport before my parents came out of the gate. I had looked at their itenerary that morning and saw 4:41 arrival…..when I looked when I got on the car, the numbers had magically changed on the paper to say 4:14!! Oh joy!

It was 3:40 when I left Columbus, it was an hour and half drive to Atlanta….I was so in trouble.
Then the wrong turn onto the intrastate highway…..Of course, every backwoods, old person who doesn’t know that they have upped the speed limit from 35 mph years ago…drove in front of me. Note here that I did not curse in anyway, but I did pray really hard!!

Finally, up ahead a clearing through the trees, and I see the most beautiful thing I have seen on this trip – and this trip has been so beautiful with the changing of leaves, etc – there it was…INTERSTATE 85!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

I hopped on and drove at speeds I could have been arrested for….praying all the way that I would not pass any cops….and I did not.

I got into the airport….and literally ran to the baggage claim, where flight 2227 from London was no where to be found. So I then walked quickly to the arrival area, just in time to see them walking towards me!!!! yes!!!!! Baggage claim flashed up their flight….their bags all got here safe and sound, we drove to pick up the other brother….and joy of joy we are all together!

Praise the Lord!