In the course of any new transition there are eight different phases. These phases listed below are obviously enhanced whenever one decides to move overseas, however can also be experienced whenever anyone makes a move.

DENIAL (ANTICIPATORY STRESS) – “It can’t be happening to me.” (Good coping mechanism.) Preparation stage; moving confusion.

HONEYMOON PHASE (ANTICIPATION AND ANXIETY) – Excitement over the upcoming relocation and the “newness” of it all may cloud other feelings.

DISENCHANTMENT (BEGINNING OF THE READJUSTMENT CRISIS) – Often coupled with feelings of dislocation. Little things become major hassles (finding the right foods; remembering where you packed something, etc.)

ANGER – May develop as disenchantment and frustrations grow. There may be a sense of loss, separation, anxiety and/or a perceived lack of control.

GUILT – Guilt may arise over the decision to relocate, especially for the relocated employee if the family is having serious difficulties.

GRIEF or DEPRESSION – Depression may set in as individual and/or family confronts changes, disappointments and difficulties during the adjustment period.

ACCEPTANCE – Coming to terms with our feelings and re-accepting our new lifestyle. The realization that something is changing; that different can also be good.


For me this week DISENCHANTMENT was really the key issue. I am away from the routine of life that I had become accustomed too, and trying to establish a life here.

So now for the good part of my story.
I decided the only way out of my funky mood was to just get out and smile at some others. Stop thinking about me, myself and I and find out who I could be Jesus too!

I went to the Galleria mall here in Dallas, found a cup of coffee and sat down to people watch around the ice rink. I was reading the poster on the table and found out that Kurt Browning (4 time world champion ice skater) was going to be on the ice below me in less than an hour! LOVE IT!!! So I was sitting there minding my own, when a lady came up and asked if she could share the table with me and her 80 year old aunt. I said, “Of course”. So she came along and they sat down to wait and watch, and then there were two other ladies who came to sit down. We introduced ourself, and laughed at how fun the Christmas season was that brought perfect strangers to sit down next to each other.

Kurt Browning took the ice and WOW! Amazing!
To think I would have missed the blessing had I just continued to sit at home and feel sorry for myself.