As you saw in my last post my mind has been very much like Cindy Loo Who’s when it came to Christmas. I am not quite at the level of my favorite Grinch, but definately pondering. Discombobulated I believe is the wonderfully descriptive word Cindy chose.

About a week ago, my dear friend Chad K. came to town to visit. He was staying at the house of other friends, but normally when he comes to town we all spend the whole weekend together. I however, was in Grinch mode, and though I would have loved to have spent time with everyone, truthfully I was just in a bad mood that would have brought everyone down. Needless to say I avoid human contact.

Chad knowing that being “un-Christmas-y” was simply not me took the time to make “Amanda’s Christmas Mix ’06”. A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful suprise that came to me in the mail yesterday!

For those of you who may be discombobulated as I was, don’t sit at home wallowing in it. Get out. Watch some children play, make a christmas mix ’06 for yourself, bake some banana or pumpkin bread for someone you love and remind yourself that Christmas is not for wallowing it is for remembering the Joy of Jesus’ birth, for loving family (or friends like family) a little extra, and for even a moment having “Peace on Earth”.

What a wonderful demonstration of Christmas Spirit! Thanks, Chad! Love you sweet friend!!