Two…yes that is right…only two days till I sign the papers that free me from the Albatross that is my home in Abilene! I am so excited I am almost beside myself. I am making ABSOLUTELY NO PROFIT on it and I don’t care! I will be done with it. No more paying the mortgage, no more renter horrors, no more staying awake at night worrying it will burn down, NO MORE!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

On that same day, Friday the wonderful 15th. I will be paying off my car! Yeah!!!!! At 211,000+ miles my little “Franny” is still running strong, she needs a screw tightened her and there, but she proudly takes me where I need to go.

All this money freed up, whatever will I do….well though I would love to use the extra flow to sit tight and pay off some bills, instead I will be finding a place to live and paying rent…joy joy! (readers in the Dallas area, looking for a great place in Los Colinas, or similar let me know if you know of inexpensive there-readers in other parts of the world, please pray that God leads me to exactly the place that I need to live and be.)

My parents have been stateside now for a little over a month and I have only seen them twice. The first was when I drove over to Atlanta to pick them up. And the second was a couple of weeks later the weekened of the 19th. I flew into NC to suprise my mom for her birthday. I was able to very successfully pull this off with the help of my Dad and A. Pam. They simply told her they wanted to go shopping, but they needed to stop by the airport to pick up a package first. My mom, never one to question, said ok. As they pulled up my dad said, “there is the package”, and my mom is looking for a box on the ground. Instead I walked up to the car! It was the best look on her face ever! I wish I’d had a camera to capture the moment!

Good news in the brother department. Healthwise, both are doing better though still not totally up to par.

Devin is having a fairly successful transition. I know this in large part to all of you who are praying for him and I am thankful to each one of you. Through a series of wonderful miracles, he is going to be attending Liberty University in the spring on a scholarship that will pay all but his housing! We did not think that this was going to be possible this school year and were prepared for him to go to a community college in Lynchberg for a semester instead. However, God had bigger plans and Devin will be able to live on campus and attend Liberty.

Derek has decided to leave the soccer world for a time and having sold his car, and planning on selling most of his other earthly possessions will hopefully be making his way back to Africa with my parents in February. His purpose there is unknown as of yet, but he hopes to make a bit of a life change and perhaps begin to do some freelance writing which is his passion.

Christmas is quickly approaching and this year time will be spent both in Missouri and in Texas with the respective families there. As long as I am with my parents and brothers I will be happy.

That’s all she wrote for now…..