Oh my faithful readers, I did not realize that you missed me so much, but I am thankful that you all care enough to email and find out why I am not blogging. Truth be told, it is hard to blog at work and I don’t have much computer access at night right now, so it is simply a case of unavoidable delay rather than depression, or avoidance, etc. Thanks to those who took the time to write and find out how I was doing, etc.

COLD….That is what the weather is here in Dallas, TX. For the first time in several years I am experiencing a “true” winter. By that I mean that temperatures have been in the 40’s or less for longer than a day and a half, and I am beginning to forget what the sun looks like. I don’t even remember the last time I wore my sunglasses and I often wear those even on rainy days if it is glarey. (which I am pretty sure is a word I just made up…definition, when there is a glare it is glarey!)

Now for those of you who have just and are currently experiencing the cold and ice in the Midwest and northeast parts of our country, the above paragraph is in no way a cry for sympathy. I personally am so glad that I am not where you are and I do acknowledge that you would love it to be in the 40’s….in fact, you might even break out the light jackets when that temperature hits.

Work is well….an interesting place. I have been reading in my dear friend Lance’s blog and have been amused at his latest tales of Auto Magic. One day soon I will begin the tales of Cultural Awareness, and I assure you ladies and gentleman, like Lance says “You just can’t make this stuff up.” I will give you a sampling with a sentence that was recently told to a co-worker of mine….”Well J. we were going to fire you at the end of last year, but decided to give you a promotion and a raise instead!” I kid you not! Just wait more tales to come. Simply know that I am on the lookout for a more appealing place to earn funds, and Auto Magic looks somewhat attractive at this point.

In other tales, my 30th came and went without too much adieu. I was supposed to have this great birthday bash entitled “30! and the party lives on!!” And then came in the rain and ice and the party had to be postponed. As I am finally moving into my own place on the 5th of next month (praise the LORD!!) I have decided it will be a combined housewarming/late birthday party.

However, though I was indoors all of last weekend….God knew exactly what and who I would need. I had my wonderful family the Kennedy’s come up from Abilene to meet their son, Ryan (whose day of birth falls exactly 10 years and and hour and a half later than mine). They stayed with the Done’s (my family from Hong Kong who now blessedly live in Keller). And we were iced in! Praise the Lord for that time. We laughed and watched movies, and read books and played games, cooked great food (including my now famous Caramel Popcorn) and really, though they may never realize it, had the best birthday weekend I could possibly imagine. I was blessed beyond measure at “family” that God has given me when mine is not near, and I am forever grateful for the love that they show me whenever I am around….Blessed…I am so incredibly Blessed!!

Ty Pennington did not show up to marry me…but hey there is always next year, right?

With that my friends for now, you are caught up. I will start tales and more saga stories later. Just wait till I tell you about how I discovered the secret project of a local architectural firm! ha!
Loving all of you…blessed you are in my life….