Yesterday I decided to make good use of my Mary Kay personal time and go meet some potential customers at the Dallas Bridal Fair. I took the time to research this fair, looking on the website for any rules and restrictions against personal sales people, not allowed in, etc., and found nothing.

However, I found out once I go there that they take passing out business cards a pretty serious business at this particular fair.

They literally had the sheriff’s department there to escort people “soliciting” brides (i.e. Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc) off the property if they caught you talking to brides, passing out business cards, and/or a flyer. I noticed one person as I walked in but did not think anything of it till later…..

Luckily (for my conscious sake) I did not know this for the first 30-45 minutes I was there. So, I was able to talk to a few brides and pass out a few cards. However, I started noticing that there were staff and a few security people everywhere and started to get a bad feeling. So instead I tried a different tactic and started networking with several of the vendors. Sure enough, while I was talking to one of them, a bride came up and started talking to her as well. I thought since she was standing there I would hand her a bridal flyer. A staff member came over and stood right beside me. She told me that since “I seemed nice, and she had been watching me talk to vendors, etc, she would let me stay, however, I was not to give anything else to a bride or I would be escorted from the building! Yipes!! 🙂

So, you know me…I smiled sweetly and told her thank you so much for the information, as I had looked everywhere for any rules regarding this (including the website) and had not found them. I assured her if these were the rules I would no longer give any information out to a bride, but I would love to earn HER business and handed her a $25 gift certificate! ha! Coals of kindness people!

However, also please note that for the sake of integrity in my own person, I did not break any more rules and did not pass out anymore cards to brides.

So I am praying that the cards that I was able to hand out and the couple of names I was able to get will not return back to me void. I am really praying that I will also be able to work with several of these vendors. I am very serious about getting back on track with my business and getting out of my current work situation.

We’ll see what God has for me! 🙂 I am smiling! Imagine being escorted by not just security, but actual policemen for passing out a MK card! So glad I did not get caught! 🙂