Ok, what was that horrible song “Back to life….back to reality…etc”

Living in Las Colinas
As you see from my last post, I am now located in a fabulous apartment in Las Colinas. It was an adventure getting there and getting in, but I am thankfully settled and praising God for His amazing provision (including my ‘want’ of a garden bathtub!).

I have a fabulous roommate. She is a friend of mine from the Tomball area, who in God’s timing, got a fabulous job in the Coppell area and was able to move up at the same time I was moving into my apartment.

Work changes
The “wonderful job” that I moved up here to take turned out to be HORRIBLE. I cannot even express to you how horrible management was. I will simply say that after 6 months of extreme micromanagement, belittling words, and verbal abuse from my manager (including at one point my manager telling me “I have no problem being mean to get what I want, in fact, I learned it from my mother.” – her mother being the president of the company); my breaking point came when I was not going to be given two days off to spend with my parents before they left the country again. That was on a Monday, I knew then I would be quitting before the end of the month (at that time only a week and a half away). I began to pray in earnest asking God to provide something, anything to get me out of there.

Wednesday I got a phone call from a recruiter I had been working with to interview with the American Heart Association. I interviewed on Thursday, and was asked if I could start the next day!!! I told them my only requirement was that I was able to take the time off to be with my parents in the two days before they left, and that was granted.

I went back to work, and spent the day getting my projects done or completely up to date, making sure that I would not leave anything for my co-workers to have to clean up after me. I cleaned out my desk and for the last time walked out the door and locked it.

I called in to the former office on Friday and told them I would not be in that day, and then headed to my new office at AHA as the executive assistant to the Executive Vice President of Healthcare Markets for the AHA!! Very exciting for me to be sure! So far, I am very much enjoying this position. My exec is a fabulous woman, with lots of spunk and a BUSY schedule.

Saying goodbye…again
Tuesday of this week, I once again, put my parents and brother Derek on a plane back to Africa. I get so jealous that they get to be where my heart lies, but for now that is what God has for us all. Please pray as they get resettled. And as Derek begins to heal both spiritually and physically – that he will be able to hear God speaking over him.

They left me on this side of the water as well as Devin – the youngest. He is in Virginia in college. Please pray for him as this is the first time he has been left on this side of the water. He is doing great so far, learning as he goes. Pray that he will be able to learn the time management skills that one needs to get by in college, and that God will continue to provide financially for him.

Ok that is my long update. Now that my work load is more normal and I work for a company that does not drain all energy creative and otherwise out of me, I will be able to update more often! Talk to you all soon!