Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to hear an Inner Circle National Sales Director Stacy James. For those of you non-MK-ers, to be in the Inner Circle you are very, very upper echelon of the company!

This woman was the picture of grace and wisdom. What a beautiful Godly example of what a life spent following in obedience can bring about.

One thing that she said that I had heard from my director before, but last night really struck a chord with me was to be a Grace extender. Find something to complement people on rather than finding their fault. This is not the current state of mind that most of us on this planet practice in our day to day lives. Especially in traffic or in busy moments when we believe the world revolves around us.
She challenged us to complement others all around us all the time. Complementing those we like, those we love, those we know, those we don’t know, those we don’t love and those we really don’t like. In looking for something to complement them on, we begin to see the good in them and begin to see them through the eyes that God intended for us to see them through. As we complement others we will begin to enrich not only their lives, but our lives as well….our frustrations towards them will begin to melt away and the love we are to show them will begin to come through.

What a concept huh?