So I was thinking to day about goodbyes and how much I hate them.

I recently said goodbye once again to my family. It didn’t matter that in a few hours they would be on the other side of the planet and through God’s grace would have the technology to talk to me over the internet or chat with me in a chat box. What mattered was they were getting on a plane and going far far away and with one word, I was once again separated from people I love.

I think the word itself is a bit of a oxymoron to tell the truth, very rarely is there ever a “good” bye. Bye is a word of finality.
Of all the times I have ever said it, I cannot think of one time that it was truly the word I wanted to be saying at the time.

Rather than Goodbye I would rather say….
See you soon
Talk to you in a few
Until we meet again
I believe in us
You are a great friend
I am sorry
I love you so….

Some of you may be thinking, “but some of those phrases don’t mean ‘farewell'” My point exactly, some of those phrases give hope of meeting again soon, would have repaired something that was broken, would have made a friendship stronger, would have brought a smile rather than tears…..

I weep with hope of a day that I will never have to say goodbye again….all will be well….my loved ones will all be around me….I will finally be HOME.