Since moving into my apartment in February my roommate and I have been blessed not to have to use the air or the heat. You can imagine what a blessing this is to my electric bill! We have a corner apartment, so we have lots of windows, plus a false patio door. (Meaning we have the door, but it opens to a grate not a patio). My roommate and I have swung that door and those windows open wide and let in the wonderful fresh air of spring.

The past week has been stretching it…we face the west, so the evenings have been rather warm, and we have continued to say…we are fine…we are fine…this heat is perfect, it will get worse…we don’t need air just yet.

On Monday of this week we said, ok one more night like this and we’ll turn on the air just when we go to bed, so it is comfortable as we sleep. But we decided to wait one more night. In the meantime, as I drifted off to sleep that night I asked God for just a few more weeks of the coolness of spring, not only because I want to keep my electric bill down, but because I don’t have air in my car either and don’t want to start a new car payment just yet…as I am basking in the glow of not having one!!

God was faithful once again as Tuesday morning’s weather brought a promise of rain, and a cool front that was to last at least for a week or so. I woke up this morning to a cold apartment with temps in the 40’s and highs today only to be in the 60’s…..

Oh the blessing of the coolness of spring…