Eleven years ago today I boarded a plane and weeping felt the pull of gravity in force as the plane lifted off and took me out of Africa. There are days that pain is stronger than ever. But Praise His name…. Since that day God has moved in my life, grown me, I have grown new friends, a new life that I could never hope to deserve. A piece of Africa still fills my heart…and a part of me is still on that continent. Some days my heart longs to be there, to be back in the paradise that was my growing up years.

But I know that for this season that is not for me to have. For this season He has me in Dallas. He has me at American Heart. He has me at The Village Church. He has me living with L, and has given me fabulous friends.

I am learning that giving in to His will for my life doesn’t mean I am always happy, doesn’t mean the pain is not there, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss home, but it does mean that He is right beside me every step of the way.

I am so blessed. So thankful when I left all I knew behind He came with me.

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