Twisted tree
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I went to the chiropractor this morning and today she started working on the lower part (around the knee) of my left leg, which has always had issues (i.e. my feet go numb from time to time)….come to find out it is constricted blood flow due the tightness in the rest of my leg that she has been working on. I was almost in tears as she really began to work and the blood started flowing back to where it should be flowing naturally…IT HURT!! She says that I have a high threshold for pain! Ha ha ha, my family will never believe that comment but oh well!! The tightness and pain that is going on in my body has been there for so long that I have just become accustomed to being in pain. Believe me the release of the pain is painful, but oh the joy of the lack of it when she is done. Amazing!

On the way into the office, the Lord really began to put a spiritual twist on this morning’s events, then I came in and was looking at this photo that I took in Africa of this twisted tree that is growing sideways rather than up and down as it is supposed to and really began to think.

So often we get comfortable in our walk, even if it is out of whack, and we are not walking or growing in the right direction. Convictions we may have had begin to lessen and the joy that we used to feel is now just a memory. Then when we realize that we are not where we want to be, that this “comfort zone” is not so comfortable, in fact it is beginning to restrict the flow to parts of us that before were so excited about doing the Lord’s work, we feel the pain of that conviction and begin to look around for a cure.

So we go to the Great Physician for an adjustment. And the Spirit begins to poke and prod and say “What’s this, what’s that?” and as He begins to work in us to repair the major issue, the “minor” parts of us that were affected by that issue begin to show themselves. Things that felt perfectly normal for us, feel a little tender under His scrutiny and sometimes downright painful as the exam continues. But the blessing comes when he begins to “pop us back into place” back into the balance that He wants our lives to be in. Oh, the pop might not feel great, or the moving of the muscle back into place to create the blood flow may hurt, but the release is so sweet as that blood flow begins to get back to the organs it is supposed to run through.

My Dr. often has to say to me, “Relax, let me drive.” I think the Spirit has to say this as well. We are so tensed up by the things that are in us, the direction that we want to go and when He tries to move our wills back into line with His, it hurts a lot more than if we had let Him “drive” in the 1st place.

This is where I am. I was growing like this tree. I was alive and functional, but I was not growing in the way that the Father had for me. I was not even growing in the direction that He desired for me to be growing in. The adjustment process…not so fun…but the sweet release of being back in His way and in His will.

Thank you great Physician!