Thanks MC for your beautiful post. I, of course, ran over to google and googled the words to the whole song, and then found it on myspace. I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes, playing it over and over to put the truth of those words into my soul….so thankful for the reminder!

The past couple of weeks have been kinda rough for me and mine. When people who care ask, I give them the details, but try to end each tirade with the reminder to them and myself that I am so blessed far beyond what I could ever hope to deserve, so while the valley may be dark for the moment, the morning is coming. Praise His Name!

I treasure your continued prayers for my family, my brothers in particular. Both are battling things we cannot see, and to go to war with them in prayer is all that I can do right now. Pray that Dad, Mom and I will have the wisdom know the next steps and that we will walk in trust of He who is in control.

Thank you!