Rainbow crossing
Originally uploaded by Tigpan

Standing in a hallowed church,
Kneeling with a friend beside your bed,
In the silence of a hot shower alone in the dark,
Amidst the noisy bustle of life, surrounded by those you love.

Where obedience meets will, and suffering meets peace.
Turmoil finds rest, and actions find forgiveness.
Where Prayer finds answers and Victory is won.

When all of creation that has been given to you for submission battles against your soul, and when you lie awake in angst wondering about the whys.

The late night, the early morn, the place where dreams are made.
The afternoon, the twilight hour, the perfect portrait light.

In the midst of your search, or when you are done for the day, when you have given up hope and want to return to what you know may not be right, but you know is easy….

Sleeping, waking, eating, drinking, crying, laughing, standing, dancing….

Completely in this unexpected….This is where Grace is found.