This weekend was….

Friday afternoon I got home to an empty house (my roommate was in Chicago), and a weekend full of no plans. Glorious!

I watched several movies of my own choosing… The Lake House which I had seen before, but was definitely better the second time around. The Prestige which was not at all what I was expecting it to be, and though it was long it was very good!

Saturday, I cleaned, organized and threw away! Amazing how one can live in a small place and still collect enough stuff to give away two boxes full and not notice that anything is missing. That, my friends, is just sad.

And on Saturday that was my mood. I was sad! I was homesick, lonely for a friend, searching for my place in this world (that you MWS) sad, and nothing seemed to be able to break me from my sadness. I spent quite a bit of time in The Word and then headed out to church for the evening. They showed a video recap of several of the missions trips from this summer…and of course, there are sweet african children all over the screen….that did not help the homesick part of my mind at that point.

But what I discovered in the darkness of life several hours later is that sometimes you have to touch a deep part of sadness to pull back out. You have to be rejected by friends to rediscover your identity. You have to be alone to reach out to others. It is in these moments that God finds you, grace abounds in ways that you cannot understand or fathom.

Is my sadness completely gone….Nope…but it is much better. I realize that I am blessed beyond measure and most look at my life and wonder what in the world I have to be sad about. Sometimes it is just something you have to go through to get to happy again. Similar to how you must experience valleys in order to reach and fully understand the magnitude of mountain tops.

Sunday…I finished cleaning and then went to spend time with my sweet godson and his mommy and dada! (yes he is saying dada now!) He is so incredibly yummy! I need to spend more time seeing his face. His dada, Scott, has recently decided to pursue the business side of his hobby and established Birdsong Photography we did a photoshoot for kicks and giggles. These are my two favorites from the shoot.

Monday, Labor Day, a day dedicated to those who work to much! I took the day to lay in bed reading or by the pool reading and talking to my Granny and finishing the rest of the organizing from Saturday.

I also got some GREAT news from my parents concerning their ministry, but I will wait for an official announcement from them before I post details.

Blessings to all!

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