Dear loved ones,

You are aware that the first years of our overseas ministry was spent in Kenya. We have written about our pastor Isaka Wachiye and his faithfulness for 20+ years. The recent news from Kenya has touched our hearts because a lot of the violence was in our own town of Eldoret where we lived for the time we ministered there. We have heard tragic stories from many friends, but also have heard of God’s protection. We wondered how it was for Isaka. This week, we received the following letter from him. We he mentions the food stores – he could possibly mean groceries stores and/or stores of grain kept by their huts. Should God move your heart for this need, we will forward the monies to him as soon as we receive them.

*Note: Isaka is our pastor of over 20 years, of the church in Kabuchi, Kenya (near the border of Kenya and Uganda). This was my parent’s first work and sweet Isaka who started as our gardner began to pastor this work about 2 years or so after it started. He and his family have served faithfully since then. As you can see from the letter below he is a man of great faith and wisdom. His letter here refers to the damage of the recent political clashes in Kenya. Please be in prayer for this sweet family and Elgon View Baptist Church in Kabuchi, Kenya.

Dear Br Workmans,
> Receive our greetings in the mighty name of our Lord
> Jesus Christ.We hope that you are fine and doing well
> in his service.
> Thanks be to God for enabling you and the church to
> reach the new year 2008.
> For us we’ve seen a new year but through struggle, and
> hardship that came following elections that was
> contacted in December. This led to the fighting
> between people of all races, some being killed, others
> injured, housesd being burned, looting people’s
> properties, no transportation, no visiting of the
> shops for shopping. Some of our family members were
> butchered while in their house – Father, Mother and
> their children.
> For us the gang came and carried away everything that
> was valuable to them, it is now difficult for us to
> send children to school for life has come back to zero
> and it needs new plans.
> This is just to inform you about it and for you to
> know that we are alive through God’s grace. We
> earnestly request for your prayers, for us and our
> country to have peace. Pray that God may provide for
> us our needs.
> Truely life has become hard for us.
> We are writing this in fear without freedom.
> The church is doing well, but some4 members have been
> displaced by the chaos. Others lost a lot of their
> properties, and some are still staying in the police
> station. As the church this is the burden that we are
> carrying for now both spiritually – evangelization and
> material provision to these families, but it is not
> enough. Some of the food stores were burned.
> Pray brother that things may change to normal. For now
> the situation is improving for we can move around and
> some of the offices are opened for service.
> God bless. Amen.
> Yours faithfully,
> Pastor Isaac.

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