I must have a very full life not to have the time to spend updating the world on the events of it through this blog, huh?

My friend “K” is worried about the lack of time to post on her mommy blog. That is ok, K, don’t give it up…just blog when you can…your updates inspire!

Speaking of K, let me tell you of the fabulous couple of weeks I have had, including a weekend in Houston.

I have found that my life at work is never going to slow down it is just going to get busier by the day. The amazing thing is my enjoyment of that. I love the feeling of purpose that I have with in my job…it is so great! There are days that I wish that everyone would just leave me alone to get it all done, but if they all left then I would miss them….silly me!

The highlight of my month was getting to spend the long weekend (thank you Mr. King, jr) in Houston. I made phone calls or texted everyone to let them know I was going to be around. Several answered wanting a peice of my time, so I sat down and figured out exact times that I could meet with everyone that wanted to see me without my be frazzled in the end. It worked out beautifully.

First I spent a few hours with my favorite Cheerleader! My sweet Em is going to be a senior next year…how can the years have gone so quickly? She is growing into a beauty and learning some very important life lessons at an early age. We had a couple of sisterly heart to hearts in my time spent with her and then she made fun of them….yep she is a teenager! She is more like me every day and I think that scares her mother!

That evening, my girl Marianne and I headed down to Kiran II for all you can eat Sushi! (Ha! I never thought I would say those words with joy!) We had a great time and ate and laughed and shared life till we were stuffed! Then we headed over to PF Changs to see my favorite bartender where I indulged in some birthday cranberry juice with a shot of cranberry…yeah I am wild!

Sunday was spent with the Crawford family. They are my treasure! What a gift to walk into a home where as you walk in the door the burdens of of life fall off your shoulders. Where there is unconditional love no matter what the situation and where laughter, a love for Christ and family reign. I am so thankful for this family and this home!

Sunday evening…a rare treasure. Usually on Sunday evening during a “houston weekend” I am making my way back from Houston, tired and a little sad because I did not get to spend any time with my friends from my former TKD school.
This weekend because I did not have to be back until Monday, I got to spend Sunday evening at the home of my friend Maricris!
The evening started with me attending Mass with them. I love their church. When I was at the TKD school I was often called a “religious thrill seeker”, because I would show up to Mass with them whenever the kids would invite me. This was said with laughter, but what was really known and felt was that I was/am passionately in love with the same Savior and Jesus that they are. It was important to me then and still is that the kids I taught knew just that. If I could show them by being involved in my own church, I did. I also showed them by attending their church with them and being respectful of our differences in belief, yet our common love for the Savior.
After Mass we made our way back to Maricris’ home where after a yummy meal of spaghetti, (and the Giants beating the Packers) we settled down to Majong and I was re-taught how to play! The kids played “Rockstar” and “Guitar-hero” with Fish singing “la-la-la” cause he couldn’t read the words!

Two sweet memories bring a smile to my face and both involve Fish..suprise suprise. The first was when Fish walked through the door and saw me for the first time in probably a year, and he ran and wrapped his arms around my legs and hugged me for a good 5 minutes. During the evening we had a couple of conversations…conversations that could only be had with Fish (i.e. the logic behind each of the names of his webkins..I promise it was riviting!) The most bittersweet however, was when the kids were ready to make their leave and Fish clung to my neck and whispered “I miss you all the time.” in my ear.

Funny how one can capture another’s heart and keep it even at a young age. Fish you capture my heart little one! I am so proud of who you are growing up to be. I promise to come visit more often, I need your influence in my life!

I drove home the next morning having seen some sweet wonderful faces, but missing out on seeing others. Time is so short when spending it with those we love.

For those I did not see…I love you, wish the moments of the day were longer and our distance between shorter! “I miss you all the time.”