Dear Loved Ones,

Not many people rejoice over a positive blood test but today we did. We heard from the doctor in Johannesburg where the microbiologist was successful in finding something in Devin’s bloodwork that has defied all other tests. In fact, they found 3 types of bacterial infections.
Q-fever, mycroplasma and rickettsia. There is no indication of how long these have been at work in Devin, but we know that he has been sick off and on for at least three years. There is a treatment prescribed that has been successful in other patients.

Devin will begin tomorrow on a course of two antibiotics along with three other medications. These should work on the bacteria and make him feel pretty miserable. We will see the doctor again in a month and he will tell us what to do from there. From what we are reading, treatment can be anywhere from three months to two years, with most people being treated for eight months. Pray with us that Devin’s body will respond to this treatment. We would, of course, like to see the minimal timing on this, but we will trust the Lord for His direction.

Thank you for praying with us. We had a good week and Sunday 90 people were present to hear a message on God’s love. Please continue to pray with us that Spencer will be saved. He is drawn to the message of Christ and has already brought a friend to church with him.

Reaching the Unreached,

Steve, Pam, Amanda, Derek and Devin