I am Paddington Workman. I am 8 1/2 weeks old and I love my mommy!

She picked me out of a line up when I was born to a stray that was being fostered in a rescue group in Houston. They are a really great group…they cared for my mama till my brothers and sisters and I were ok on our own and then they found her a forever home so she won’t get “knocked up” any more…whatever that is.

(see that’s me up at the top…my mommy says she picked me cause I look like my cat brother -Picasso- He’s adopted too, but he is 2 years old now and is really smart and kinda jealous that came along. More on him later.)

So my forever mom, waited 8 long weeks, I had to grow so the doctor could make me neutral. I don’t know what he did, but I went in and he made me take a nap and when I woke up I just didn’t feel all there any more if you know what I mean. But that is ok, from what I understand if you are not neutral you get in trouble all the time (I think that is what happened to my birth mom!)

So, I now am learning all the tricks in my household. When I get up from a nap if I don’t go outside I’d better go potty on the crinkly blue thing in the corner, or mom grabs me and takes me over to it. Then I think she wants to play so I jump up and down and lick her and she just walks away. I am so confused.

My house is at the top of this enormous building. My mommy carries me down the stairs cause they are too big for me to go down. Then we go for a long walk. It is lots of fun and I have met some new friends along the path. When I go potty in the grass my mom gives me a treat! Can you believe it! Natural body function that I can’t help, I do it and mom gives me treat! What a life!! At the end of our long walk, I climb all the stairs to the house…I was scared at first but now I just climb right up them like a big boy. I am sooo tired when I get to the top.

I have to stay in my crate when mommy leaves for work, but then my nanny comes over…she is so pretty and so sweet. She smells like a german shepherd, but she doesn’t look like one (I think maybe her kid does though). She loves me so much..she made me a tag that has my name on it and mommy’s phone number in case I get lost. and yesterday she brought me a new bag of treats! She takes me for long walks and plays with me till naptime and then I got back in my crate. I don’t really mind, but I cry for a while to make them feel bad.

My cat brother – Picasso – he doesn’t have to go in a crate and sometimes he comes and laughs at me while I am sleeping, but he mostly sleeps all day too…he is kinda lazy!

He didn’t like it when I first got there…he just growled all the time and said bad words…but I didn’t care I had new toys to play with. Mommy says I am a bit ADD when it comes to toys….I am not! I just love my squishy bone..I like to chew it and carry it and walk with it (*spies rattle ball)…OOOOOO rattle ball…I LOVE my rattle ball, (*drops squishy bone) how do I play with both…oh decisions decisions….look at my rattle ball I love my rattle ball, I like to chew it and carry it and walk with it (*spies squeaky toy) – OOOOOOOOOO squeaky tooy!!!!” But I digress my apologies.

So the other day I was just playing with my toys like a good boy and that ol’ cat was watching me from the couch. Sometimes I think he thinks I am a rat. I am NOT a rat, I am a rat TERRIER two totally different things. Anyway, I decided I wanted a drink of water so I went to the kitchen to get one (mama keeps a bowl just for me there…cept sometimes I share with Picasso cause he is bigger and says so). I guess that Picasso was mad cause I was ignoring him, so he jumped off the couch onto the counter (he is not supposed to be up there but he is disobedient all the time!) …then he jumped down on bar stool….then under bar stool….the carefully stalks around the corner…sees me..waits for right second and POP!! slaps me! Then the coward takes off! I was not going to let him get away with it so I tried to chase him, but he just got on top of the couch again.

I was mad so I went over to see mom and she did not yell at him at all! She was laughing! I was so hurt…I just went and got my squishy bone and shook it hard!

After my long walk at night mom makes me play with all of my toys. I am so tired I just lay down and she makes me chase the rattle ball or squeaks my toy bone so I wake up again. Finally I just can’t take it any more so I crawl in her lap and lay my head down and fall asleep. When I wake up I am soft and warm in my crate…but I don’t mind..I just roll over and go back to sleep.

So that is me….welcome to my world! I am sure I’ll update more…I am hilarious and have some GREAT stories. Ta ta for now….

Now where is that rattle ball….oh…squishy bone! yes!