I am still in the midst of some interesting wrestling with the Father. Mostly He has stripped me down to the basics of my faith again and I am rebuilding His way. (which FYI, is pretty much the best way to build.)
However, because I am still processing a lot and am not sure how to articulate my current thought patterns, I think it best to move on past the heavier issues of spirituallity and tell some tales of fun!

So will do a random thot’s list for you:
– Being computerless at home is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. There are moments it is inconvienient but I am getting so much more done, reading books, organizing, working my Mary Kay! Yep, not bad at all.
– I miss my camera. I am on the for sure side that is gone for good. It makes me sad…we had a lot of great adventures that camera and I.
– At the end of July I will officially have 5 people in my life whose diapers I changed…who are now engaged and will be married. I have a lot of confused feelings about this.
– Everyday with my homegroup girls in my life, is sweeter than the day before.
– Every time I see politicians on the news I am thankful that I do not have children to bring up in this world…it is just getting scarier.
– Summer fruit is amazing!
– Dogs just make the world a better place.
– Sometimes Hypothyroid symptoms are just a pain.
– Spending rare face to face time with long time friends is a treasure very hard to equal.

the end.