Flat out, no competition, KSBJ, is my radio station. Truely…well it’s God’s, but He lets me claim it as mine.

This year for the 4th year in a row I participated in KSBJ’s Sharathon. This is an amazing 3 days of the year when the radio station raises money for operations for the entire year (meaning absolutely NO commercials) and for all sorts of incredible special projects that further the work of the kingdom around the globe. I have had the honor of supporting this radio station for five years and working at Sharathon for four.

Even though I live in Dallas I continue to volunteer as my hope is one day the signal will be strong enough to reach all the way here. Until then I listed by webcast!

Every year, simply gets better.
This year, I was up at 4am to make the drive from The Woodlands to Humble, and start my shift at 5 am. This year, rather than answering phones I volunteered to fill into areas that might need the help of some of the more experienced volunteers. So I started by checking in the phone volunteers and it was fun to see those from previous years, and see how their year had gone. Each year there are a lot of new faces and people to meet and learn about. However, there are also friends from years gone by, and Sharathon is simply a reunion to share all that God has done in our lives!
At around 8 am, I moved into phone central where all the action happens! 🙂 Phone answerers were at every table taking pledges and the DJ’s were floating around talking to the audience and the volunteers. I worked at the verifiying table…verifying the pledges that came in and making changes where necessary. Later in the afternoon I was able to do a bit of floating, answering questions of volunteers and spending time with Sharathon friends!
Also, thanks to a webcam set up in Phone central, my parents were able to see me from across the water in Botswana. Everyone got into the fun waving at them and saying “hi mom and dad!” When my dad called my friend Coop (KSBJ’s summer intern) waved with me and his mom happened to be watching at the same time. So she texted him “how did you know to wave right then?” We haven’t told her that he wasn’t waving at her!
Also I started to wonder later what others watching the webcam right at that moment might be thinking…(who is this crazy girl talking on the phone and waving and turning round and round.) ha ha ha
I found myself in some of the photos of the day…they are horrible! I was so exhuausted by the time they got around to capturing my face.
The highlight of my day was my time spent in the Prayer room with the women of Pray the Word Ministries. I have had the honor of praying with and being prayed for by these amazing women. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the time spent with me on Friday…praying the words of Jesus over me and reminding me of His unending faithful promises to me and my life. Also teaching me how to pray these things for myself. Thank you Lord for this ministry and the work that you do through them.
The second highlight of my day was getting meet Becky Kankelfritz, I have had the pleasure of getting to know her via her blog and a mutual love of photography this past year. I have also had the distinct honor of getting to pray for her and her sweet family as the Lord walks us through similar lessons on different paths. Becky, I am so excited to continue to develop our friendship!
Our on time God helped us meet our Sharathon goals this year right at the closing minute of this pledge time. I am so thankful for His faithful work in this ministry year after year! I am honored to get to be a part of it!

I can’t wait till next year to see what all God has done, in this year of “New Beginnings”

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