One of my very favorite people turned 50 this past month:
My memories of Mark Lowry go farther back than he would want to know! Some of my very favorite memories are road trips through the amazing scenery of Kenya with Mark in the the cassette (that’s right cassette) player. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear his stories they still make me laugh till I cry. One time I even went to his concert on back to back nights!
In the midst of his humor is a heart that is deeply in love with the Father and with that love comes words of wisdom that move me and bless me.
He recently posted a list of his favorite quotes over the past few years…some of them are funny some are just great…read and enjoy.
Mark Lowry Quotes:

“Happiness is a roller-coaster ride, contentment is falling backwards into Grandma’s feather bed.”

“We don’t help people by showing them our trophies, we help them by showing them our scars.”

“When you see a stranger you must change the way you view him. Instead of seeing a school teacher, a mother, an ax murderer or a priest, see who they really are, the image of God on legs.”

“Love the sinner, hate the sin? How about: Love the sinner, hate your own sin! I don’t have time to hate your sin. There are too many of you!”

“I would hate to be an atheist. They have no one to thank.”

“Hoe your row. But not too deeply or it will become a rut.”

“God is crazy about you!”

“You work… so you can play.”

“It’s not a great song unless it makes your DNA remember Eden and your spirit long for Home.”

“Before you plant your seed you better check out the soil.”

“God thinks you’re worth loving and you don’t get a vote.”

“I hate puns. And, I’m tired of pardoning them.”

“The things you’re crying about today, you might be laughing about in ten years … and then again … maybe not.”

“When you wrap a flag around the Cross, you make both impotent.”

“Politics trims the shrub, the Gospel cuts the root.”

“If you have ADD, you shouldn’t learn to ride a motorcycle until you learn to drive a wheelchair.”

“Life is a series of recoveries.”

“The self-righteous have their fig leaves so tightly bound that they have forgotten the seeping wounds beneath the foliage.”

“Broken pots spill more water.”

“Take the high road, there’s less traffic.”

“Time has shown me that what may feel like a brick wall is just a speed bump on the journey.”