Ok so I have written quite a bit late about “stay tuned for more news” and then in the last post shared that I was getting serious about my Mary Kay. Let me share a little about the reasons why so you can hear my heart and know more how to pray for me. My sweet faithful readers are such prayer warriors and every step of my journey the past few years, the smooth sailing and the bumps in the road have been bathed in prayer…something I can never hope to repay, and something for which I will be grateful for eternity.

Reasons why:
#1 and most dear to my heart…ministry opportunity.
Every year at seminar they bring in international directors from one of the 30 countries where Mary Kay is sold. This year the week I went the international guests were from all parts of Asia. Quietly in the depths of my heart the Lord spoke and said “You cannot walk freely into these places with a Bible, but you can walk right in with a starter kit….but you can’t take a starter kit internationally without being a director.” Can you imagine, as a director I can go anywhere in the world and teach women how to enrich their lives and walk into homes with some cleanser and moisturizer…and in the midst of that get to share Jesus! How powerful is that! Even I sit here and type it out to you I get tears in my eyes.
#2. Financial freedom. Working for myself and controlling my own life and time. This year at my church, we sent out several missionary families and as a church body will go on both international and domestic missional trips and opportunities. That is my heart beat, but I cannot take all the time I want off work to head over to Sudan, or to help develop the missions training manual or even to go spend 10 days in Kenya. Not to mention being able to head over and help my mom and dad in Botswana for a few weeks if I wanted to. I can with this business. It affords me the financial freedom to say, I am spending my time doing this and doing that.
#3. Right here in Dallas, TX I have the ability to do both of the things mentioned above. I have the opportunity to spend time and minister to women that in a normal day to day I might never even encounter, but through a skin care class, or a guest event, I get to meet them, make them feel better about themselves, and get to share the Lord with them. How powerful is that! This morning at a city wide guest event that we have every month in the Dallas area, a woman won highest sales for the month. When she found out she was #1 she started crying…her testimony was this. She said she always thought she was a nobody who did nothing, and after being in Mary Kay for 3 weeks she was a somebody. How incredible is that. Plus the name of Jesus was spoken freely and often among this group of incredible women…what a great place to take someone who is not a believer who would never darken the door of a church.

That is my heartbeat right now. I know this is a journey God has called me on. He has been calling me for a while and I have chosen to walk in the mediocre, however….no longer. So when you wonder if I have fallen off the face of the earth or why I choose to say no to some fun activity for a while. It is because I am choosing to take this time to build my business to where I know the Lord has called me to be. It will take a little bit of work (I have found that the Lord only blesses the work of your hands, if you are doing work…fancy that!), and a lot of prayer and encouragement. But (ok here it is on a public blog!) I will be a director by December of this year.

Thanks for loving me, for believing in me, for helping me reach my dream. Please continue to pray as I walk in obedience towards what He is drawing out in me to do!