I am packing today. I move from this apartment home of a year and a half to a new one that will be all my own. Why when there is change do many of the old doubts and fears come to surface? Perhaps a stirring up of dust, an unsettling of what longs to just be settled and stay put.

I am struggling with the “be still and know”. It is so hard for be to “be still”, even harder somehow to have the faith to “know”. Which brings to be the question…Why when He has proven faithful time and again do we continue to struggle with the things we know to be truth? He has proven faithful time and again with my finances and yet, as I sit here typing somewhere my subconscious brain takes over and I worry about things that are financially completely out of my control.

I suppose my moving every couple of years is actually stereotypical for a TCK. I suppose, it is something that must be done. To rummage through what is in my closet and evaluate if I need things I haven’t used in years. To rid myself of things that simply weigh me down and hold me back. To start fresh in a new place, new smells, new sights, new sounds, new ways to see Jesus in the little things.