So my blogs have had a bit of depth to them lately, and this will not be one of those I assure you…..

I was looking around my desk while sitting here at work and realized the odd assortment of things that are on it. How exactly does one collect this stuff and why is it so difficult to get rid of it to just have a clean desk.

Things on my desk:

    • Two empty water bottles (ok I just recycled those I feel better now)


  • Two stress balls, that I never use (perhaps the reason for my hypertension)



  • A wooden box with nothing in it



  • A fake lemon that sits on a marble block that says “when life gives you lemons….” (can someone finish this thought please?????)



  • next to the lemon…a freakish highlighter man with green shoes and orange and white feather hair sticking out of a plastic ball with a face. (he doesn’t even have a name, maybe it would be better if he had a name…nameless highlighter guy…yeah, no)
  • A boyds bear dressed as a bumble bee sitting in a basket that says “bee happy!” (I think he actually belongs to my mom and have no idea how he got to work with me….)



  • A Sponge-Bob Square Pants etch-a-sketch (again where did this come from and how did it get to work with me…)



  • Dark chocolate from Paris (the city in France, not Hilton)



  • Dice (two sets – one normal every day, and one in fancy leather)



  • My name written in chinese (incorrectly I might add…since it looks nothing like my name looks in all the other versions of chinese that I have it in)



  • There is a fan under my desk, and a pair of shoes from this summer (why?)



  • I have a pink radio clock that does not have the correct time on it at all….not because it doesn’t keep time, but because I have never set it correctly….(I will do this now)



  • A huge vase with two leaves in it, trying desperately to take root.



  • Photos in frames – me with brothers, my family, a waterfall, railroad tracks



  • Photos not in frames – Alex Modesitt (friend’s son with cancer), Cousin Zach’s football pic, pic of me and Brittany (MK director), Paddington in Glenrose



  • Random things on wall: buttons with photos of me and Jeff, Shana, Vera and Darlene from work parties….and one letting the world know “I survived sinister sessions 2008 – Transfatsylvania”



  • a wire girraffe



  • a lamp – with a beaded necklace



  • a paper bracelet made by my boss’s daughter



  • business card sized “words of inspiration”


This is just the random stuff and does not include the things that help me work and get my job done, ie. phone, cup full of pens, computer, file folders, etc.

I think it is time to declutter….