“Excuse me Jr. High called and wants its drama back” – JMF

“Amanda, I’ve thought about it and I am physically incapable of getting up and letting you take my photo”  – my boss  this was followed by “You are a mean assistant” When I made her get up and let me take her headshot anyway!

“You looked like a cross between a fish and a seal” – said by my friend Penny after a demonstration of how my mom sucks in all the air in the car when she thinks we are going to crash with the car that is 100 miles in front of us!  At this point, mom’s vicious inhale would have been relevant though, because we were laughing so hard I could just barely see the road.
“Are you thinking what I am thinking?….”I don’t know are you thinking ‘holy crap holy crap a swordfish almost impaled my head?’ if so then yes”   – Get Smart
Laughter…so the best medicine in life!