#1. I looked at my beside table in my clean room last night and saw 4 water bottles in some stage of fullness or lack thereof. I will finish all of these, but seem to have the need to keep several open at the same time…why is this?
#2. I was working the product table at the Michael W. Smith concert last night and this guy walks up and we make eye contact that says “we know each other”. So I walk over, and I say, “I HAVE to know who you are” to which he replies “you do, huh? why?” I said, “well for one thing I have seen you at ever concert I have been at this year and you look so familiar”. THEN something else clicked into my brain…”OH, AND you are friends with Stan Whitmire!” To which his look of skeptical questioning turned to a wondering demeanor…and he says “yes I am”. So he offers a hand for shaking and says “I am Craig O’dell”. FLASH! I say “WAIT! Are you related to Julie O’Dell?” “yes” “Did you go to BBC?” (insert look of incredulity here) “YES!” “Craig we were in school together, I am Amanda Workman!” “WHAT! Yes I recognize you now! That is so hilarious….” follow up conversation where are you, what are you doing, exchange of phone numbers, blah blah….
Once again my world, tiny.
#3. I saw an opossum walking across the parking lot when I pulled into work today. This of course made me think of my brother Derek.
#4. an addition to this blog ….Melinda Doolittle’s voice.
#5. an addition to this blog ….point to ponder “Do my relationships bring me more of Him? If not, does that person belong in my life? If so, how do I get more of that person in my life?”
#6. I hate the song “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” and would like to NOT thank my mother for putting it in my head.

#7. I leave you with a photo of my girl, Melinda, and I being silly last night!