I have started 4 different blogs and they are all in some form or another unfinished.  Maybe they will get published, maybe not.  There is so much in me right now that wants to come out, to be shared, but for now I am just keeping it close.  I am not sure why.  Pride, fear, judgement….desire for my words to be articulate or “read worthy”.  I don’t know…but what is in me will not quite come out.  It just hovers on the tip of my brain.
I heard something good today from a friend of mine.  She got it from Psalm 139.  She said, Don’t worry about your future because to God it is history.  This has deeply pierced me as my fear of the unknown is somehow trying to rear its ugly head.

The covenant promises of God are so true, so faithful, who am I to fear?  He holds tomorrow and is already there.  That is a good word.