I have the greatest examples of love in my pastoral family. I love the way the men adore and pursue their women and how the women adore and pursue right back. Don’t get me wrong I know that they have their issues…and that every day is not a fairy tale…(I know this because they are open and honest about it!)

I look back over my life at the times I settled for who was right there in front of me. While I don’t regret a single relationship I have ever had I can say that I am so thankful that they were only seasons in my life.

I will no longer settle….I know who I am (and I like her in case I haven’t mentioned that lately) and what my heart cries out for….

So, Chandlers, Bleekers, Pattersons, Hardins, Lewis(s), Barkers, and the rest of my married pastoral staff….thank you for loving each other and living out that love in example to the rest of us singles. My prayer for each of you daily is that God hedges your families with protection, and that your love for each other grows!