There is this man that stole my heart the first time I met him….he was 3!

He has this deep brown eyes, that speak volumes, this quirky “innocent” smile that assures you there is something going on in that brain of his and he is weighing the consequences to see if he should do it or not, and this astounding wisdom that is amazingly distinct and precise and no nonsense for one so young.

We (his family and friends) call him “Fish”. You can read more about the “Fish-isms” on my friend K‘s blog. She is the mom so has the “rights” to the words that come from him. However, I have taken snippet of one of her latest blog to paste here, because it is so Fish and such an example to who we all should be.

He and K were going over some of the lessons he is learning for his upcoming first communion.

“We brought up the idea that we can thank God in our quiet times with Him. I asked Fish if he ever talks to God.
He replied, ” Yep, at night when I am trying to go to sleep!”
I then asked him what kinds of things he talks about with God.He replied, “Well… we just play Rock, Paper, Scissors”
…I said, “WHAT?! Ok, Fish, so who wins?”
To which his answer was, “Uh, mom? He does! Remember, He knows my thoughts, so He already knows what I am going to do, so He always wins!””

This was so cute, but rather than just laughter this also brought tears to my eyes. HE gets it. This is such a beautiful example for each of us the verse that talks about having the faith of a child. (Mark 10:15, Luke 18:17) Fish as a child has the faith to know that God already knows, so what does he have to worry about? He sees God as a friend and a Father and trusts and relies on Him fully. My prayer for this little man who captures my heart so often is that these truths that he is so poinantly aware of at this young age will remain with him as he grows up in this world that so often tries to tell us differently.

As for me, that I would work hard to continue my pursuit of childlike faith. Not just the principles of faith that I learned as a child, but the true meaning behind childlike faith….that I would stop trying to control my world, but rather have the faith like a child that God is leading me to through the Holy Spirit. That I would remember as Fish has so sweetly reminded me that “He already knows it…so what do I have to worry about.”

Love you Fish….