There is a cute little tune, with a catchy little rhythm, with words that speak to the goody two shoes I used to be. All of my life I have been in an inner battle to live how other people wanted me to live and be who others wanted me to be.

In the journey of the past couple of years when I have begun to peel off the dead and dying parts of me that really should have never been there in the first place. To remove from me a skin that was covering up the who of me and the truely coming to terms with the inner parts that have been crying for years to be recognized and brought to the forefront. Who I am growing and moving towards now is who I have always wanted to be, and the more I am allowing myself to “just be” and to grow; the deeper my heart finds dwelling within the God of the universe.

But what I am also finding is that God is so much different than who I ever imagined Him to be. The ways in which He loves me and shows that love towards me are in tune and rhythm with things that make my heart beat…rather than against it, as I have so long battled. Nature, pleasure, music, dance, the fullness of life are not a contridiction to Him, but rather a flow of sacred rhythm that comes out of Him, for my good and His glory. This realization has formed a new awareness in me to the world around me. Things that I appreciated before; I now cherish and desire to know more about. I am not made to live under the law, I am made to live in fullness of life.

So this catchy tune by some guys called “Shane & Shane”, I referenced at the beginning of this rambling, has some powerful words that resonate with my heart and thoughts on this Monday morning:

Growin’ up I overheard
All the grown ups sayin’
You better be prayin’
And sayin’
All the right little things
At the right little times
And I had it down
At least on the outside

I’d put my best side forward
I could smile with the best
And dress like the rest
Of the messed up church folk singin’ a song

Are you sitting down
With all your sin and shame all stored up
Are you ready to live
For what the law could not do
God did

Could it be that morality
Got the best of you and me
Got us thinking
That we’re on the brink
Of a drink of the cup that’s all filled up
With the cross havin’ even a little to do with us
It was His day
It was His way

To the glory of His grace
Took our disease
Enough to please
The Father of lights
To bruise Jesus

Maybe do’s and don’ts
Were made to show
How much we do
And don’t ever make it

Are you sitting down
With all your sin and shame all stored up
Are you ready to live
For what the law could not do
God did