So, one thing that I really don’t enjoy or like about myself is the lack of going the distance. Most things come relatively easy to me so rather than excel in them I choose to be “just ok” and move on to the next adventure.
This past few years of my life I’ve gone from that being the norm and ok – to that being the norm and really ticking me off. I am not ok with being mediocre and so I’ve set out to change that.

Six months ago – I set some goals. I’ve accomplished several of them, but there were some key ones that I set that I missed the mark on. So – I’m reseting them.

Today is the beginning of 9 weeks of discipline. Now discipline can sound so negative and derogatory, but really it is freeing in so many aspects….and I am excited to explore who I am as I really crunch down and push past the “just ok”.

I am setting goals in four areas.

Spiritually – while I have come a long way in the past six months – now that I understand who I am in Christ and have a deeper desire to learn of Him – I am making myself truly accountable to friends who know me and who love me enough to walk me through the hard times and show me some tough love if necessary.

Physically – I am just weak here. (pun not really intended) I am good at running for a couple of days and then slacking off…going to the gym and then getting too busy….starting to train for something and then making excuses why I can’t. Well truth be told – I am tired of being a size 10. Some of you are gasping right now, for some – you dream of being a 10, while others can’t believe I am that big. Wherever you are in the gamut of that I love you exactly where you are. But I don’t really love me. I am not incredibly fond of who I am in this area – and I am just putting it out there.

Mentally – I am VERY lazy in this area. I am smart…yes I am confident in that area….and because I am smart I don’t try. I learn only what I want to learn and read what I want to read, rather than stretching myself to learn something new and different and WAY outside my comfort zone.

And Business-ly – I have a very successful Mary Kay business that I play at. It works for me when I work, and when I “don’t feel like it” I don’t work. One of the goals I failed to accomplish by April was to be 100% credit card debt free. If I had set my mind to it, this would have been so easy – but I wanted to play. No more! Look out world!

As I write down my actual goals in these areas – I am going to share them some here on this blog (one of those goals is to write and blog more) I am going to share my really amazing days, and I am going to share my super crappy I don’t want to do it anymore days.

I am excited – I’ve got accountability set in place – ready to love me, to encourage me and to kick me in the pants. ha!

If you are the encouraging sort – I’ll take all of it I can get. If you are the praying kinda – I’ll take as much of that as you want to give me. If you are a negative Nelly – then remember I WAS disciplined enough to earn a black belt in martial arts and I will kick you in the head – negativity can get out of my way!

I am excited, nervous, determined and cannot wait for June 7th to see exactly where this fun adventure takes me!

Join me if you dare…..